Manage Your Biological Balance Sheet


Edward Deming, the father of optimization taught Japan how to use process improvement to become the industrial power they are today. He showed that when a system performs a process, you can always quantify and measure different variables to find higher performing results, which can be taught to everyone else doing that process.

When you combine process improvement (P.I.) and performance enhancement (P.E.) you get geometric growth and exponential improvements. Because, if a process improves a mere 5, 10 or 20% per action, but we provide these percentage gains across multiple processes, you get geometric progress. 3% x 8% x 5% x 2% x 10% equals exponential gains. You, Inc. can be managed the same way to develop exponential results by optimizing the functional systems responsible for health and performance:

  • Hormone Systems
  • Immune Systems
  • Digestion Systems
  • Detoxification Systems
  • Energy Systems
  • Neurotransmitter Systems

When these systems are functioning properly and at optimal levels, you can get everything done at work with total focus and still come home with energy to spend on what’s important to you.

How Do You Know Which of Your Systems Need Improving?

Do you have a balance sheet for your business or a household budget?  Would you ever manage your finances by just guessing or reacting to what’s going on? Of course not, that’s because we manage with leading indicators.

Unfortunately, when it comes to health and performance most people use lagging indicators to react to problems :

Do I have pain? Yes or No?  

Do I have brain fog? Yes or No?

Do I have low energy?  Yes or No?

Instead, we need to start using leading indicators to manage the results we want:

Do I have the right resources available for optimal performance? Yes or No?  

Have I gotten quality recovery time? Yes or No?

Am I eliminating unnecessary stressors? Yes or No?

In order to answer those questions, you need to get some quantitative information.

Don’t Guess, Test!

The first step is getting a baseline assessment of YOU, Inc. through functional laboratory testing, to look at dysfunctions and identify healing opportunities in your Hormone, Immune, Digestion, Detoxification & Energy departments

Here are a few basic labs you can have done to get a sense of where you are on your journey to optimal!

  1. Adrenal Stress Indicators Panel – Hormones are one of your system’s main signaling molecules that regulate physiology and behavior.  This test gathers clues about malfunctions and hidden stressors to determine your phase of adrenal dysfunction to give you a snapshot of your ability to respond to stress.
  2. Intestinal Permeability test – A layer of tightly connected cells line the walls of your intestines and allow digested foods to pass through into your body, this is your immune system’s first line of defense.  It acts like a screen door, keeping bad things out, but hidden stressors can create holes that allow unwanted items to get past your defenses and sets you up for a series of problems. This is commonly known as “leaky gut” or intestinal permeability. These tests tell you if your first line of defense has been compromised, how well your immune system is functioning and if you’re absorbing nutrition.
  3. Highly Sensitive C-Reactive Protein (HS-CRP) test – This determines how much inflammation is circulating through your body.  High levels of inflammation is the spark that ignites the dynamite found in your fat cells and also

With functional laboratory tests you can find out what areas are causing problems and begin working to restore proper function.  When you do tests at least every 3 months, This is like quarterly reports for a business or investments, which allow you to:

  1. Make better decisions and make adjustments to restore full function.
  2. Correlate test results with how you feel and maintain your performance over time.
  3. Shift to new levels of optimal performance and use the tests to monitor your progress, so you can make adjustments based on what’s going on inside you and your environment. This is where you’ll gain serious competitive advantages.

Testing, managing and optimizing for performance is common in business and financial assets, At the least they monitor assets and investments. For some reason, we don’t do the same for our most important asset and number one investment.

If YOU, Inc. Is Your Most Valuable Asset, Then Performance Must Be Your #1 Investment!

Think about the last time you felt really bad with aches, pains, fatigue etc.

  1. How did that affect your work performance?
  2. How did that affect your income?
  3. How much would you have paid to feel 40%, 20% or even 10% better?
  4. When was the last time you went an entire day without any pain?

Most people spend $3000-$4000 on vacation every year without thinking, hoping they’ll recover from stress. However, once back to work, they end up worse than before, because they never dealt with the root cause of their problem.

Some may spend $2000 on a mattress hoping to sleep better.  But, what’s a mattress going to do when the hormones that regulate sleep keep getting trashed, because your immune system is being attacked or your melatonin is trashed because you are swimming in a sea of blue light at night? How do you know which one it is?  Testing is how you find out.

It’s Not All About the Lab Work.

When you hire a financial planner to manage your assets or a business consultant to improve your business processes, would you accept a generic plan designed for everyone or do you expect this person develop a customized & comprehensive plan based on your situation, finances and goals?

Well, lab results just give you information, and if you just treat individual test results to treat symptoms, you will take supplements to improve those test results and feel better for a while, but you’ve done nothing to improve the underlying function causing the problem and eventually you may end up with new symptoms and on a cycle of test after test after test chasing new symptoms. This is how some people end up on 6-10 forms of medication forever.

That’s why knowing how to interpret those labs results, how they work together and how to generate a customized & comprehensive plan of action designed specifically for you and constantly fine tuned to control your biology and optimize performance. You expect this from your financial and business assets, shouldn’t you expect the same thing for your most valuable asset?

The best performance based athletes work with professionals to develop a customized plan that uses systems based thinking to teach them how to restore function, build up resilience and optimize performance. They stop guessing, ultimately save more money and increase the rate of return on their biological investments, where their game is measured in milliseconds.

Anything Less is a Plan for Mediocrity.

In the next article we’ll cover how to generate the most energy in your body with the least expense.

If you’re interested in working with Optimized Primate to develop your own Optimized Executive Performance Program click here.



Photo credit: Philippe Put via Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

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