YOU, Inc Has More Than One Clock


This article is a continuation of Timing Can Make or Break Your Entire Business.

In today’s economy, company’s operations and teams are spread across the globe. Maintaining a company’s rhythm and timing is crucial for an organization to achieve operational excellence, process efficiency and reduce costs.

No longer can a large company have only one operations/support team. With global team in different time zones, each with different business process still must remain synchronized and communicate accurately with the entire organization’s objectives in order to bring value.

Timing inside YOU Inc is also distributed outside of the executive SCN “master clock”. Independent circadian rhythms are found in departments (organs and cells) throughout YOU, Inc. These clocks, called peripheral oscillators are found in departments like the adrenal gland, lungs, liver, pancreas, spleen, thymus, and skin. Although these peripheral clocks don’t may not directly affect the SCN, they do respond to signals from the SCN as well as their local environment in order to regulate local circadian rhythms.

For example, liver cells appear to respond to feeding rather than to light.] At the same time, a single cell can have its own molecular circadian clock, meaning it’s cell-autonomous and can even communicate timing to other nearby cells resulting in a synchronized electromagnetic signaling.

This is one of the many networks used by the SCN communicate information from the executive team in the brain throughout YOU Inc. even though receptors from for these communication may be located in remote locations across the body (ex: toes)

This communicationtime-430625_1280 must happen instantaneously and accurately throughout You Inc. Which means the executive team’s master clock (SNC) must operate faster than the other clocks. If the SCN does not run faster than the other clocks or loses communication to those clocks YOU, Inc may soon fall apart.

Operating faster than all the other YOU, Inc clocks, requires large amounts of power, which is why the SCN is part of the executive team. The Brain generates and requires the most energy of any department in YOU, Inc.  By operating the SCN faster than all the other clocks ensures that information is received fast enough to be acted on, the further away the signal has to go, the longer it will take to arrive. (Which also explains why the peripheral clocks do not influence the SCN, they do not generate enough power. )

Imagine if half your company was notified about a new marketing campaign, 2 weeks after it started, would you lose some money from that timing mistake?

YOU Inc. operates on time scales of subatomic particles, which is much smaller than many computers and certainly smaller than a marketing campaign. Although YOU Inc.’s Executive suite is about approx 6 feet away from the furthest department or cell. (much less than your office building) you can be sure that this 6 foot difference makes a massive difference to YOU Inc. and how resources and energy gets around YOU Inc.

Imagine if you added 5 more floors to your building but have no budget for elevators or communication, might that slow down your timing and operations?

In the next article we will look at what disrupts YOU, INCs timing.


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