How Does YOU, Inc. Lose Timing?


In the past two articles (Timing Can Make or Break Your Entire Business & YOU, Inc. Has More Than One Clock) we’ve learned that the Circadian Rhythms used to manage all processes inside YOU Inc. are controlled by the executive clock known as the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) which is part of YOU Inc’s executive team in the brain.  If for any reason the SCN is out of sync with the peripheral clocks running in other YOU Inc’s departments, there will be loss of production and performance through out the organism. So how does YOU Inc. lose time?

The SCN uses signals from light and redox levels (not food) to alter circadian rhythm & timing based on the environment it is in. You need to understand these three signals so that YOU, Inc can tell time efficiently.


h602_w1069_m2_bwhiteLight is the primary signal monitored by the SCN. The SCN receives information about light through the retina of eye. The retina contains photo-receptors (“rods” and “cones”), used for vision like a camera. But the retina also contains specialized direct photosensitive sensor (ganglion cells) with the photo-pigment called melanopsin, that connects directly to the SCN,

The SCN takes information on the lengths of the day and night from the retina, interprets it, and passes it on to the pineal gland, to secrete (among other things) the hormone melatonin. Secretion of melatonin is supposed to be highest at night and lowest during the day when light is strongest.

But in our modern world the SCN get the wrong information about day and night. Artificial lighting (ex LED) suppresses melatonin production. When artificial lights are used at night, YOU, Inc.’s Board of Directors is making decisions based on the wrong information of the time of the day and, through that, clocks in the rest of the body will lose synchronicity.
Studies have also shown that light has a direct effect on human health because of the way it influences the circadian rhythms.

Not Enough Electron Cash Flow

When cash flow is low, your business may have to change the timing of regularly scheduled operations, which can cost your company money. The SCN can also alter circadian rhythms to prioritize YOU, inc functions when electron flow is too low.

As we have seen Light can alter YOU, Inc.’s timing mechanisms. One of the by-products of light stimulating YOU Inc is Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), in pulses this is a strong signaling molecule to the SCN, but it is also a powerful oxidizing agent that can cause cellular damage throughout YOU, Inc.

To avoid oxidative damage to cells, YOU, Inc has adopted several detoxification strategies such as manufacturing of antioxidant reducing agents such as ascorbate (Vitamantioxidentsin-C) tocopherols (including vitamin E), and retinol (vitamin A). Anti-oxidents are atoms with extra electrons that can be donated to reduce oxidizing free radicals.

We see this same effect of with the use of drugs & alcohol Both animal and human research report bidirectional communication between the circadian system and abusive drugs. Those suffering from substance abuse display disrupted circadian rhythms and disrupted rhythms increases the risk for substance abuse and relapse. It’s been shown that disturbances to the normal sleep and wake patterns increase the susceptibility to addiction and poor impulse control.[64]

YOU, Inc looks to keep a balance between the generation of oxidants and free radicals and the level of reducing agents.  But when levels are elevated chronically and YOU, Inc runs low on spare electrons, the SCN will force the circadian clocks to shift.

To make matters worse research has shown there’s cross-talk between the circadian clock and redox homeostasis. The level of available antioxidants determine the levels of intracellular free radicals, which have been shown to alter circadian clocks, but some antioxidant enzymes also follow a circadian pattern of expression, suggesting that circadian rhythms can regulate redox potential, which means you will be in a chronically energy-deficient state.

When you’re in energy-deficient state, that means YOU, inc is spending more than it is making, there are budget cuts in multiple departments, resources are rationed and distributed based on importance of function, The executive team that is the most energy hungry is also the most sensitive to low energy states, so it wont be operating as quickly, cellular signaling will be off, and then you will start making poor decisions in your real business.  And of course it also opens you up to all the diseases that we all know and want to avoid.

Because the environment on Earth has been altered over the last 100 years, that’s the reason why we’re seeing the epidemic of chronic diseases being reported, and it’s interfering with your performance and even your longevity.

Hopefully you can see that timing is incredibly important to YOU, Inc.  Unfortunately, even some of the best and brightest business people consider timing as an afterthought in business, so I can guarantee they aren’t even thinking about it when it comes to their biological assets.

In the next article we will dive into some strategies and tactics you can use to manage and maintain YOU, Inc’s timing.

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