Mental Performance

The ONE Resource Every Business Needs To Succeed…But is Wasted By Most.

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Waste in business is any activity that uses up a resource, but creates no value or competitive advantage. Most businesses are experts at spending resources, without understanding how they can be leveraged or even how they’re produced.  Managing scarce resources is a year-round concern and the scarcest resources must be used optimally.  More companies are looking towards sustainable/renewable resources to improve processes, pursue growth and add value to their companies, because it affects the bottom […]

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How Does YOU, Inc. Lose Timing?


In the past two articles (Timing Can Make or Break Your Entire Business & YOU, Inc. Has More Than One Clock) we’ve learned that the Circadian Rhythms used to manage all processes inside YOU Inc. are controlled by the executive clock known as the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) which is part of YOU Inc’s executive team in the brain.  If for any reason the SCN is out of sync with the peripheral clocks running in other […]

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YOU, Inc Has More Than One Clock


This article is a continuation of Timing Can Make or Break Your Entire Business. In today’s economy, company’s operations and teams are spread across the globe. Maintaining a company’s rhythm and timing is crucial for an organization to achieve operational excellence, process efficiency and reduce costs. No longer can a large company have only one operations/support team. With global team in different time zones, each with different business process still must remain synchronized and communicate […]

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Can Timing Make or Break Your Entire Business?


Timing is vital to your business. Whether it’s a business plan, a negotiation, a customer relationship, a product launch, a presentation, a marketing campaign, a proposal, a production team, or an entire corporation, the more efficient your timing is the better off your business will be. Timing is vitally important to YOU, Inc. (your biology)  as well, because it must follow an endogenously generated almost 24-hour schedule known as circadian rhythm.  Circadian rhythm regulates and […]

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What Makes YOU, Inc. Go Round?


Why did you go into business? Pretty good chance, one of the reasons was to make more money. Typically, money represents wealth and gives you power to do what you want. Money derives value from being a medium of exchange, a unit of measurement and a storehouse for wealth. Currency is a form of money that’s circulated and used as a medium of exchanging value. Different countries use different currencies and knowing how to convert […]

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