Welcome to Optimized Primate

As a high achieving success minded executive or entrepreneur you probably want to build a profitable company, live a successful life and achieve all your goals.

You’ll push yourself harder and harder to build your success; endure long hours away from your family, be accountable to investors/users, constantly putting out fires and have the fear of failure around every corner all while keeping the appearance that business is…just fine.

And for what? We’ve all heard that operating this way leads to Alzheimer’s, obesity, heart disease, auto-immune diseases and cancer, which costs US businesses upwards of $576 billion each year.

But let’s be honest, most people don’t care about these things, you probably don’t, what you probably do care about is how well you perform day to day.

Leverage Your Competitive Advantage
Optimize Your Performance

Let’s face it, in today’s business world you deal with unique daily challenges: heavy travel, high-stress situations, decision fatigue, irregular eating and exercise habits, suboptimal environmental conditions, a never-ending schedule of meetings, and chronic exposure to stressors often worse than athletes.

I say worse, because at least the sports world understands recovery and off seasons, but the business world goes on 24/7/365.  We’ve seen time and time again executives and entrepreneurs wasting their health trying to gain their wealth (Ref. 1-3) and if they become financially successful, most end up wasting their wealth trying to buy back their health. (Ref. 4-6)

Being in business is about adapting to trends, shaping the future faster and better than your competition, effectively overcoming and moving on to bigger challenges.  When you get knocked down, you better have the right resources to get up and keep moving forward.

Optimized Primate is dedicated to bringing you the ultimate strategies, techniques and technologies available to help you become an Optimized Executive.  As I see it, investing in your biological assets to develop on-demand performance is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Unlike most health and fitness sites, here you’ll uncover topics to optimize your performance and build your biological wealth, by applying the same principles used to build a successful business to build YOU, Inc.

Next Steps

Being optimal is no longer a mystery, it is a choice and I look forward to seeing you on the other side of optimal!

Be Your Optimal Self,

Luis Arauz

P.S.  Just as everyone isn’t able to succeed in business, being an Optimized Executive is not for everyone. So ask yourself:

  1. Are the results of my organization directly proportional to my performance and the performance of my team?
  2. Am I committed to building my success, but sometimes it feels like my body and mind are working against me?
  3. Do I want to dramatically outperform the competition?
  4. Am I willing to invest in my biological assets as I do my business assets?
  5. Do I want to have on-demand optimal performance and resilience, so I don’t destroy my health while building my wealth?

If you answered YES to these questions, then you have to make a choice, and I can’t make it for you.

P.P.S. You can choose to realize your true performance when your bio-logical assets are fully optimized or you choose to continue doing the same things you’re doing now for the next 50 years and put your business at more risk.